Why Food Swap?


Supporting locally grown and sourced food

Produce brought to a swap has been grown, foraged, preserved or baked within just a few miles of the Food Swap venue, which keeps the food supply chain short. One producer, one consumer, face-to-face.  And there’s something potent in exchanging food in this way – there’s eye contact and chat on the day which resonates in the weeks to come as you enjoy the goods you’ve swapped.

Food Communities

Food Swaps bring communities of like-minded people together to exchange the food that they have produced, and provide a social and collaborative setting to explore issues of home growing/ producing. Swappers have the opportunity to share not only their produce, but tips, recipes, and ideas in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Food Swaps and local community

Our Food Swaps are held in public spaces such as cafes, community centres, galleries and art spaces and thus forge further links with our respective local business, local food/growing initiatives and groups and artists within the community. We’ve been lucky to have the continued support from all our venue hosts which allows us to keep our events free.

‘As a small local independent business and a supporter of locally grown food it’s great to work alongside a local community food group like Apples For Eggs. Food Swapping in general reflects the ethos of my business, I like to support local seasonal produce and it gets rid of surplus. I don’t like waste. And it’s a great way to get people together.’  Guy Whapples, Ambience Cafe Bar, York

Food Waste

Food swaps help prevent food from being wasted.  If someone has a glut of apples or tomatoes, or just too many jars of jam, they don’t have to be left unused or discarded, there is always a willing swapper who will exchange something for them. Everyone goes home from a Food Swap laden with a satisfying haul of produce that will contribute to providing a meal, or stocking up items for the store cupboard, thereby reducing the amount you have to buy in.

‘I never buy eggs the week of a Food Swap – and I rarely have to buy any jams or chutneys when swap season is in full swing!’ Regular swapper from Altrincham. 



Sharing Food

Food Swapping is habit forming with some swappers continuing to exchange their produce outside of the events in person and via social media.

‘I made broad bean, mange tout and mint hummus inspired by one of the ladies at the Food Swap, and ate it for my lunch today, delicious! And I met a lady who wants to come and sell artisan ice cream at the farmers market I organise at the University, so the effect of Apples for Eggs ripples out!’ York Swapper after attending her first event


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